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NV Labs Europe is an industry leading manufacturer of health and wellness care solutions. Our products include a comprehensive line of nutritional supplements, multi-vitamins, minerals, herbs, manufactured to the highest standards of potency and purity.

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Production of all dosages and packages at one location

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Our Services

Our wide range of exceptional services is available in the industry with lowest startup costs. Our strategy is that our customers start to generate rapid profits with our policy your success is our success.


Vitamins and Supplements manufacturing

NV Labs Europe can meet all your vitamin and supplement manufacturing needs because we are the leading manufacturer in this industry today.


Custom Formulation

Your custom formula is easier to build than you think. Whether you are a doctor who wants a specific amino acid profile, a gym owner looking to increase profits, or an established brand with a formula that needs reengineering, we have a solution for you.


Private Label Consulting

For those who are in the business of marketing or distributing nutritional supplements, we simply do not have the time to worry about all the details associated with making their products we offer our services for creating their products.


Fast delivery and production

Most manufacturers in our industry have slow response times and a lot of administrative problems that lengthen the process. At NV Labs Europe we can convert a budget into a finished project and deliver it within 14-21 days.

Why Natural Vitamins Europe is the premier
manufacturer of private label services in protein and
dietary supplements?

25 Years

We are experts in manufacturing supplements for over 25 years, it is why our team at Natural Vitamins Europe has earned a reputation in the industry as supplement manufacturers who know how to do the right job for our customers.

Quality Control

During all stages of production and packaging, strict quality control and safety standards are strictly followed. In addition, we continuously reinforce our quality control measures, continuing education training, and periodic review and updating of SOPs.

Customer Support

We manufacture nutritional supplements in a very easy process for our clients. In a first visit we can provide our clients: samples, packaging design, label design and printing, manufacture and delivery of products in a perfect and fast way.

Success is our mission

Partner with Natural Vitamins Europe and claim your share in a rapidly growing industry. If you are looking for a manufacturer of supplements that passionately dedicate to both customer service and excellence of quality products, look no further than Natural Vitamins Europe.

Enjoy our wide range of products

Experience the latest in customer service, as we offer a wide range of product development services, graphic design, contract manufacturing of powders and capsules, with national and international distribution.

We can provide customized solutions to your needs and at the same time help achieve – and potentially exceed – the business results you expect.

We are the leaders in dietary supplement technology, NV Labs Europe is your number one choice for all your needs in natural source supplement manufacturers.

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