Individual minimum order quantity

Individual minimum order quantity

Each product has a different product intensity. We look at what is feasible for us per product and are therefore very flexible because we do not work with a fixed MOQ.
No MOQ advantages
  • Ideal for small and upcoming businesses

  • More flexibility than other competitors

  • Various quantity options with our products

Why do we not use a minimum order quantity?

A minimum order quantity can limit your business demand. For this reason, we offer several amounts of products in large and small quantities. In this way, we are more flexable than others in the market. NV Labs Europe will always transparantly communicate which amounts are possible to distrubite and sell for our customers demands.

Enjoy our wide range of products

Experience the latest in customer service, as we offer a wide range of product development services, graphic design, contract manufacturing of powders and capsules, with national and international distribution.

We can provide customized solutions to your needs and at the same time help achieve – and potentially exceed – the business results you expect.

We are the leaders in dietary supplement technology, NV Labs Europe is your number one choice for all your needs in natural source supplement manufacturers.

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