Packaging and labeling supplements

Packaging & labeling

We support the customer throughout the process, which means that we also provide labels and packaging for the products so that they are ready to go to a logistics partner.
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Design of packaging and labels

Are you searching for a company that not only handles packaging and labeling, but also designs it? NV Labs Europe is your all-in-one solution. our in-house designer will help you with your unique branding. Click here to read more about package branding.

Packaging vitamins,  supplements and more

Obviously, the packaging of supplements is very important. You ensure that the quality of the pills is preserved. You must therefore comply with certain rules. NV Labs Europe is happy to help you pack your supplements correctly.

What should you pay attention to when packaging supplements?

1. Choose the appropriate material to package your supplements. By this we mean that you have to take into account whether certain pills or powders must be packaged airtight or must be protected against the light. We have several options for packaging supplements. We would like to tell you more about this! Get in touch with us.
2. Expiration date is an important factor. How you package something can affect the final “best before” date of your product. If you pack something airtight, it often has a longer shelf life.
3. Pack separately or together. Some supplements can be put together in one jar, while others have to be packaged separately in a strip. NV Labs Europe is happy to advise you on this matter! If you pack something incorrectly, this can affect the results of the supplement.
4. Opt for a clear label. The packaging must have a clear (and conspicuous) label that tells something about the content, quantity and ingredients. But also consider the instructions for taking the supplement.
5. Durability. Something that is becoming more and more important when it comes to packaging products. If you want to pick up on to durability, than choose packaging that is biodegradable or made from recycled material.
6. Storing your products. Once you have packaged and labeled your products, make sure your products are stored clearly and properly. This, like the packaging, affects the quality of your products.

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