Soft capsules

Best form for oils and suspensions: soft capsules. Optimal absorption.

Soft capsules

Soft capsules made from gelatin or vegan materials are ideal for liquid and oily formulations. They offer optimal protection against oxidation and controlled absorption. These capsules are commonly used to administer omega-3, royal jelly, isoflavones, and various oils. Additionally, capsules filled with a mixture of powdery and oily components are possible. At NV Labs Europe, we provide gastro-resistant coating for soft capsules. The smooth surface and color options make them easy to swallow and identify.

Discover the benefits of soft capsules:

✓ Available in gelatin or vegan material
✓ Wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors
✓ Controlled absorption through customizable coatings
✓ Option for high-quality coating with added flavoring or gastro-resistant properties

Our Soft Capsules

DL-alpha tocoperol, 400mg

400iu(1360iu/g 294mg)
Softgel with olive oil

1000mg +5iu Natural VE

1000mg+5iu Natural VE

400mg;sunflower seed oil 290mg; Flaxseed oil 300mg; VE 10.5mg

K2 120mcg (Natto); VD3 2000iu, carry oil :virgin olive oil;Filling weight : 250mg;5#oval

Lutein 40mg; Filling weight 300mg ; Oval

Garlic 1%(100:1) 15mg, safflower oil fill weight: 150mg, 3#oval

100mg softgel

500mg, 10# oval, Oval;EPA 8%, DHA 10%;Vitamin A 500iu; Vitamin D3 50iu;

D-Alpha tocopherol 12iu/mgVitamin D3 2000iuVitamin K2 50mcgFish oil 33/22 1000mgCaramel Color Transparent softgelFilling weight: 1039mgBovine Gelatin

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