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From formulation to finished product, supplement production demands accuracy and consistency in quality control measures. As a contract manufacturer our production process is rigorous and follows the highest industry standards to ensure that each vitamin or supplement is clean, effective, and safe for consumption.

  • From formula concept to real products within 4 weeks

  • Professional advice for the right ingredients

  • Production process that meets the highest industry standards

Formulation and product development

The production process of custom vitamins and supplements starts with the formulation and product development. NV Labs Europe can produce all capsules in size from 00 to 1. We offer HPMC (veggie), Gelatin, Pullulan and liquid capsules in a variety of colors. Our strength at NV Labs Europe lies in our ability to build your products and formula concepts into real products that can be manufactured in as little as 4 weeks.

Selection of raw

The selection of materials is an important step in de production process. When selecting raw materials for supplements, there are several key considerations to bear in mind. Some factors to consider may include:

  1. Verifying the source of the material to ensure that is it safe.
  2. Verifying that the supplier adheres to strict quality control protocols.
  3. Checking the fabrication and material costs.
  4. Seeking advice from a qualified health professional or nutrition specialist for additional insight.

The specialists at NV Labs Europe can support you by choosing safe, effective ingredients for the production of supplements or vitamins.

High Efficiency Intelligent Film Coating

At NV Labs Europe we have new encapsulation machines (GMP Brand Certificate) for high efficiency intelligent film coating. Film coating is used for multiple reasons.

  • It creates tablets full of vitamins and minerals with a smoother texture that makes them easier to swallow and digest.
  • Film coating is also used to make supplements more stable. This could be necessary if the product contains active ingredients which are sensible to humidity, oxygen or light.
  • Film coating supplements can give supplements a certain look and feeling. Therefore it is also used for brand recognition. At NV Labs Europe we can produce vitamins and supplements in a variety of colors.

Microbiology testing for nutritional & dietary supplements

Microbiology testing for nutritional and dietary products is an important process that helps ensure supplements are safe for consumers to use. This kind of testing examines these products for pathogenic bacteria, yeasts and molds, as well as other kinds of microorganisms, so supplements should be free from contamination and safe for use. Additionally, microbiology testing also assesses whether supplements contain the correct amount of ingredients stated on the label. As a nutraceuticals manufacturer we find it important to have a microbiology laboratory to test supplements if necessary.

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NV Labs Europe can meet all your vitamin and supplement manufacturing needs because we are the leading manufacturer in this industry today. So are you looking for a nutraceuticals manufacturer? Feel free to get in touch with us. Our team of experts will be happy to assist you.

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